Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Baby steps to a dream, my own home decor label is here !

A big warm hello to my blog family. I am hoping life has been beautiful for you the past few days and that you have been nurturing your decor dreams, because I have certainly been doing so. I have some news to share with you, something that is very close to my heart. I decided it is time for me to take my love for home decor and all things beautiful to the next level and take a plunge into the world of 'decor e-tailing'...Yes, you guessed it right, I have just launched my own home decor label and am thrilled and oh-so-excited to be able to share this piece of news with you.

My dream to share beautiful things, a 'treasure trove' as I have always called it, will now have another medium to connect with you at www.kedgree.com. I am elated to be able to share Kedgree's mission and vision with you on the blog. I know am surrounded by like minded souls here who have gorgeous homes, an eye for beautiful things and for whom decor goes beyond being a passion, and I truly could not think of a more befitting or encouraging audience to share this happiness with. The loot shall be unveiled soon at Kedgree and the products will be up for grabs...I simply cannot wait to see you there. My little dream and I are looking forward to getting some more love from you, and I know I can count on you to be a part of this journey and make it beautiful and fulfilling.

Kedgeree, the British name for Indian 'Khichdi', a delicate blend of grains and colourful spices that come together to deliver the perfect flavour, one that satisfies the palette and satiates the soul....

We at Kedgree believe that the best in home decor comes out when you blend curios and collectibles from across the world and infuse vibrance and colour into your home from different cultures to deliver the perfect fusion, a beautiful mix.

We are individuals who eat, sleep, think, dream, breathe and 'live' decor. Our mission is to bring to your doorstep, decor treasures from across the globe, a unique combination of hand-picked gems that will make your home even more exquisite than it already is.

So if your passion is to keep a beautiful home and to adorn it with gorgeous art, antiques and handcrafted products that speak of the country of their origin, the skill and talent of their craftswomen, the culture, the folklore and the history behind them, we strongly recommend that you watch this space. See your decor fantasies come alive with us. Beautiful things for beautiful homes...only at 'Kedgree'.

Looking forward to your feedback on the blog as always.
You can now also connect with me at hello@kedgree.com :-) See you next time, take care.


  1. wow , these are stunning . Thanks for sharing these pictures , these are amazing .
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  2. wow!! thats a wonderful dream.. Good luck.. Baby steps are the largest ones you take.. the rest then follows!

    1. Thank you, encouraged by your feedback. Hope you'll pay Kedgree a visit :-)