Sunday, June 15, 2014

A magical month !

Hello everyone, it has been a while since I caught up with you on the blog. Trust all is well with you and your loved ones and the weeks that went by have been special for you.

As for me, it has been a magical month with my in-laws visiting us and spending time here in our home. I definitely have gained in more ways than one, on the weighing scales for sure, some of my Ma-in-law's prize recipes tucked under my belt and happy to flaunt some extra laughter lines thanks to all the cheerful moments we shared together. Family reunions are amazing, truly, can anything be more precious ?! :-)

And now that it is back to the two of us here, I was thinking of all that has changed around us in the time that just flew by, noticing the seemingly small, yet significant alterations that have come around our home, and I am happy to say they look really nice :-) My plants for sure have blossomed in the warmth of the family being together...

It is the most pleasurable feeling to see a new leaf shooting out of a plant, a sign of new life which to me is also synonymous with no apprehensions and no biases in life...

A new leaf reminds you of freshness of thought, of another chance to grow and flourish, a reminder to keep the child inside of you alive...

And of course it is pleasing to the eyes and looks beautiful too, the glorious, inimitable colours of mother nature... :-)

The days that went by have been gratifying on other accounts too. Other than the fact that my 'rajma' and 'cheese balls' got an 'A+' in my Ma-in-law's report card (smiles, she is very kind and generous) I am happy to share with you that some of my artwork was up on exhibit at an international exhibition in Seoul :-) I have mentioned earlier that I love my time with my oil paints and love to romance the canvas.  My time off from work allows me to indulge in this passion more often now and I was very happy to see my work on the walls of the gallery, a moment that was made more special by the presence of my family here. The paintings are back home now and some of them have found a place on the walls here...feels nice (and quite unreal at times) to see them adorn our nest :-)

This is my whirling dervish, happily surrendering himself to his 'meditation in motion', ecstatic in his state of trance as he swirls and twirls in the open fields...

And another one that finds place in the balcony, a secret gazebo tucked away in a garden that opens into a meadow, the desire to keep spring alive in our home through the year maybe visible here :-)

And now after all that excitement of sight seeing, travelling around Korea, lots of cooking for the family, and of course the art exhibition, I am more than glad to just take it easy and relax at home, letting the lull overtake for now...

It maybe time to travel again soon, and until then am looking forward to some rest and repose in the surroundings that I love the most...looking forward to some 'me time', quiet and blissful evenings with the better half and last but most certainly in no way the least, spending more time with you all here. Immensely grateful to the Almighty for being so kind...see you again soon.


  1. lovely post and your paintings are fabulous.

  2. Thank you so much Anu. So glad you liked it :-)

  3. Love the plants,( the pleasure of seeing new leaves sprouting is so comforting ), the knick -knacks add so much fun to the surroundings and the paintings , of course, are the best additions. It has your touch :) Love the post :)

  4. Your home looks lovely Kish....just as you are. The paintings are are your plants. LOve to you.

    1. Thank you Maami, hope I can paint like you someday :-) Love and hugs.

  5. The "meditation in motion" painting is how the blues in the painting stand out against the mustard wall. Wonderful post Karishma.......enjoyed it thoroughly !!!

    1. Thanks Sruthi, so glad you liked my Sufi :-) I love the contrast too. So good to see you here !