Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Have you seen Kedgree's latest designs ?

Hello there ! How have you been ? I am hoping by now, that spring has touched all your homes, and that you have been grabbing a few moments in the mellow sun, enjoying your cup of tea and those thoughts that are yours and yours alone. It is so important, to have a little time to yourself, to just 'think'. Works wonders for me, those little conversations with myself !

OK, so nearly every decor enthusiast I know, has a blind love for cushion covers. I am crazy about them, the 'unstoppable-compulsive-helpless-crazy' collector when it comes to them. And so I thought it relevant to ask you, if you have checked out the new cushion cover collection at Kedgree .

These cushion tops are special. Why, you ask ? While I would love to say it is because yours truly has designed them, the real reason why they are exclusive is, because, for the first time, 'hanbok' silk fabric has been used to make them. 'Hanbok' is the traditional costume of Korea, worn during festivals, weddings and special occasions by both men and women in the country. Several yards of free flowing silk and tissue go hand in hand in creating these beautiful heirlooms, passed down generations in Korean homes.

Stunning aren't they? The outfit, its colours, the fabric, all of it would catch my eye and fascinate me whenever I would see someone wearing the 'Hanbok' here. And while I knew the chance of me ever slipping one on is remote, I thought it would be lovely to bring a teeny bit of it back to my home, AND TO YOURS, by crafting cushion covers out it. Have a look ! :-)

These and many other vibrant colours from the Korean palette are available on Kedgree's Facebook page. I hope you will enjoy the collection as much as I have enjoyed the process of putting it together. They are my little home decor label's first in-house designs, would be wonderful to get your feedback.

Look forward to hearing from you ! Until next time, love to all of you for a beautiful week ahead.


  1. These are really gorgeous and vibrant. You do have a wonderful blog, reading it one gets inspired and refreshed instantly. Please do keep writing. And also, looking forward to more beautiful things on Kedgree :)

  2. Lovely cushions, they look so elegant!

  3. Hi Karishma,
    ‘Kedgree's latest designs ?’ - Fell in love with the latest kedgree style. Cushion covers that speak up for dynamic Hanbok and its freshness!

    A real treat indeed -- Every woman would love such a garden“Love, Dreams & A Garden Amidst !”

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