Monday, July 14, 2014

A Home Experience to Remember

Today I have the pleasure of introducing to you through my blog, the home of a lovely, warm couple, Aparna and Kunal. Allow me to escort you through their casa in India, every corner of which exudes elegance, grace, class and magnificent taste, all of which are synonymous with the personalities of its owners...

The minute you step inside the door, you feel as if you have been transported to a world which is a beautiful blend of 'the old and the new', 'the vintage and the modern'. You will be greeted by a wall that hosts a set of gorgeous prints framed in dark wood that enhance the beauty of the subject matter, which in this case is 'Calcutta, as it was, during the British Raj'...

Aparna and Kunal are patrons of antique furniture and their home boasts of some really rare pieces such as this lovely French rosewood writing desk that awaits you in the verandah from the entrance...this is nearly a hundred years old...

An imposing Burma teak sideboard with a marble-top makes a great companion for the writing desk...isn't the carving exquisite ?

The couple believes in beauty and comfort both, and have a gorgeous vintage Chesterfield sofa in their living room, the luscious curves of which flaunt beautiful floral upholstery. You can just sink into it and forget the world around you. Classy lithographs and red candle holders serve as the background for this beautiful seating arrangement, I also love how Aparna has used a mix of red and dull green for cushions that do a terrific job in complementing the fabric underneath...

To me this is a great spot to curl up with a book, play your favourite music in the background and get into your 'comfort zone' :-)

This sofa has some truly regal and elegant rosewood treasures as companions...these are breathtakingly beautiful vintage finds collected over the years, a clear indication of their passion for all that is antique, all that is exquisite !
This charmer for instance is something that Kunal stumbled upon in an old garage about fifteen years ago, it was in tatters and in about fifty pieces, lying wasted in a dark corner. Kunal saw its potential and pulled it out of the cobwebs and restored it to its present form. I think its beauty lies in its simplicity, clean lines and understated curves. The neutral drapes make a great vignette for it, don't you think ?

And this arresting beauty is something you simply cannot ignore, for its lovely rosewood texture, for its carved silhouettes, for its chiselled good looks and magnificent presence. This piece of art again dates back over a hundred years !

Isn't she a beauty? If ever there was a chair with a personality, this must be it ! Take a closer look...

If you thought their canvas is only 'antique', then think again...Aparna has an eye for ethnic decor, and she has added some lovely bell-metal treasures from the interiors of Bastar...I love how beautifully rustic these knick knacks are and amazed at how harmoniously they gel with the vintage furniture around them !

Here, a beautiful brass candle stand graces a lovely carved walnut wood side table...

Their home has beautiful wall art...Tanjore paintings make this corner completely is an understatement to say that the couple have an eye for aesthetics, clearly, their love for beautiful things extends beyond genres and geographies, across timelines...a 'distressed' wooden lamp with an orange shade in this corner (a flea market find) adds warmth to this nook, an ideal spot to spend the evening (I would strongly recommend tuning in to Jagjit Singh, live-in-concert, as you proceed to do so to complete the picture!)

The love for aesthetics runs in the family and the couple have some gorgeous heirlooms such as this silver tea-set. The distressed look here is deliberate for they love the character it adds to it...this finds pride of place on an antique chest, which belongs to Kunal's great grandfather...nothing like family treasures to accentuate the personality of a home !

Aparna has a love for deities in all forms, here you see them in brass, framed on the wall. I don't know what I love more, the statues themselves or the contrasting brocade borders around them, have a look and take your pick ! :-)

Their 'galicha' is Persian, ninety years old and hand woven (why am I not surprised, smiles)and died in subtle blues and maroons with vegetable colours...something you would fall in love with the moment you set your eyes on it and feel it beneath your feet...

Kunal is a voracious reader, and it is no wonder at all that books are woven into the aesthetic framework of their home. Infact I would not be exaggerating if I were to say that his books are 'the framework'... everything else is woven into it :-) You'll find them everywhere, as side table embellishments, stacked against book shelves, piled up on sideboards...

His love for books ranges from history to literature to sports to fiction to biographies...

And he has a very enviable set of coffee table books (that are my weakness), and these are spread all over their home...

Aparna has ensured their home has plenty of cozy corners, where she can flip through her magazines and enjoy her chai at is one such nook by the window side with a rocking chair and some favourite books of hers that I simply loved....

Bright, cheerful and positive is what I felt when I came upon this lovely spot in their home...

Sit by the window, or rock away on this lovely rocking chair and dream all afternoon... :-)

...and if at all something has to break into your thoughts and daydreams, let it only be this lovely walnut wood fruit tray that hangs on the wall across the rocking heirloom passed down to the couple from Kunal's great grandmother...treasure trove of a home, isn't it ? :-)

Kunal loves to spend his evenings in their den on the comfortable leather loungers and unwind with a game of soccer or cricket on TV...

They are great hosts and love to have family and friends over. Couldn't resist photographing this beautiful decanter that adorns their bar...

Mealtimes are precious family time and much more than just 'food' is shared at this beautiful round six seater Burma teak dining table...conversation revolves around the day's highlights, the children's chatter and all that is to be looked forward to the next day...

Kunal and Aparna's home goes beyond being a home. It is a beautiful 'experience', a place that has been created with a lot of interest, passion, love and warmth....

It looks wonderful during the day....

 ...when the rooms are flooded with sunlight...

...and the vibes are energetic and brimming with positivity...

...And it looks just as beautiful, warm and inviting by night... :-)

While I try and do justice to their beautiful canvas by calling it an aesthete's paradise, a decor lover's delight, an interior artist's dream come true, an antique lover's ecstasy, an art connoisseur's finest fantasy, I think Kunal sums it up best in his own words...'our is a bit of wood, some glass, metal, paper, music and a lot of heart' ! Beautifully expressed, isn't it ?:-)

Leaving you with a few more images to soak in the beauty of their for me, this visit can only be summarised as being 'truly memorable' :-) It was a total treat for me, trust it was one for you too :-) See you next time !

Images : All images are the property of Aparna Banerji & Kunal Banerji and maybe subject to copyright. Kindly refrain from reproducing them without prior permission.


  1. Stunning! Very old world charm...very Calcutta, or maybe not...just my impressions. They have a beautiful house.

    1. Thank you Harshika, full credit to the owners. And yes there is a lot of Calcutta in their home, it is amazing how beautifully they have blended it with the rest of the decor !

  2. Beautiful home tour ! Love the furniture and all knick knacks that go along so beautifully with the surroundings . You have a lovely home, Aparna and Kunal :)

    1. :-) Love and hugs from me and many more on behalf of Aparna and Kunal coming your way ! So glad you liked the post !

  3. I was curious when I saw the chesterfield couch in a recent pic with you and your nieces... It whetted my appetite to see more of this abode :) absolutely gorgeous and loved the details you've provided! Beaut read!!

    1. Thank you Christine, so happy to see you here ! Yes the Chesterfield is there in the picture, wow you noticed it :-) Many thanks on their behalf. Am so glad you enjoyed the compilation :-)

  4. Absolutely beautiful! Loved every single corner, every artifact. It really reflects their personality. . Warm, cheerful and very inviting and welcoming :)) gorgeous pictures and write up too kishmish :))

    1. Thank you Surabhi Didi, though I really can't take any credit here. It is all because of them, their taste, their choices, their eye for aesthetics and their personality as you rightly pointed out ! :-)

  5. Such a beautiful home. Well captured..

  6. every looks so lovely.. and in its rightful place.. You've indeed got a beautiful home!

    1. They do keep a beautiful home, so wonderful to see you here Patricia. Thanks.

  7. Beautiful Home...High class taste...lovely tour of the house only possible because of your amazing photography and well written blog. Loved the sumptuousness of the taste and ethnicity of the decor.

  8. Good taste runs in your family:) this is a very well put-together home! Thanks for sharing, Karishma!