Sunday, December 21, 2014

Christmas in the heart spells Christmas in the air !

The run up to Christmas is here and I want to wish you, my dear readers, a wonderfully warm and merry holiday season. I am sure you have been busy decorating your home, putting up the Christmas tree and adorning it with beautiful ornaments, painting your house red and green and baking all sorts of sinful goodies :-) I really hope that this time of the year is special for all of you, with your loved ones, and you get to share countless moments full of laughter and joy with your family.

I simply love this time of the year, for it is the season when the dew drops settle comfortably on the grass at night and wait for you to wake up to them in the morning, a time when you draw patterns with your fingers on the frost-covered window panes of your home, when fireball poinsettias are bright clumps of scarlet, ablaze everywhere, when the house smells like heaven, full of the intoxicating aroma of cloves, nutmeg and clementines that go into the mulled wine simmering on your gas top , when all hands in the house come together to chop candied peel and dry fruit for that delicious christmas cake. It is the season that makes you think of reindeers and the snow, of Santa and stockings, of pantomimes and puddings, holidays and hollies, of cranberries and celebration, bells and baubles, mistletoe and merriment, of family and fun.

It is also a good time to look back and think of the year that has gone by, to ponder over the experiences of the recent months that have enriched your life, to thank the Almighty for the blessings that have come your way, and also for the hardships, for they have made you a stronger person in turn.

More importantly, it is also an opportunity to give and to multiply the love, so if you have been thinking of adding a smile to someone's face, go ahead and do so now! Let it be a hand-written greeting to a family member, a phone call to a friend overseas, a new sweater or blanket for the help at home or anything that you believe can brighten someone else's day. I read this lovely quote somewhere, and am sharing it with you here...

"So remember while December brings only the Christmas day, in the year let there be Christmas in the things you do and say"

On this note, I fervently hope and pray that this Christmas kindles the spirit of charity and mutual respect in the heart of all, and that the season engages the world to 'accept', to 'tolerate' and to become a better and brighter place, for everyone who is a part of it. Let it not be limited to a date, rather let it be a state of mind. Signing off with all my good wishes to you and to those who are special to you. Let us attempt, best as we can, to spread the good cheer all around, and while we are at it, may the Yuletide spirit continue to permeate our lives and flourish in our hearts and minds. 

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  1. i know. you post felt so lovely to read. For me, it was a year of lot of goodbyes. Goodbye to one of the most important people in my life- my grandmother. I was also at the airport last night watching people saying bye and kissing their loved ones. It all felt so very warm, so very human. It is also a time when people come to spend quality time with their loved ones. it's truly a beautiful season. <3